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Does This Sound Like You?

Does your relationship to alcohol have too much control over your life?

Have you found yourself in that confusing place from the social drinker to the over-drinker?

Are you using alcohol as a crutch or a coping mechanism for stress, emotions, or social situations because you're not sure what else to do?

Are you starting to realize just how many areas of your life are impacted because of your drinking?

Do you feel like your alcohol use is inhibiting your personal growth, relationships, or potential?

Do you have an inner knowing that alcohol is keeping you from living the life you desire and deserve?

Are there aspirations or goals you've been unable to pursue due to your relationship with alcohol?

Do you feel a sense of guilt, shame, or secrecy around your substance use, and are unable to be open and honest about it with yourself and others?

Can you imagine a life free from the limitations and negative impacts of substance use, and what that may look like or how it might enhance your overall freedom and well-being?

Do you have a support system or resources available to you that may contribute to your sense of freedom and empowerment?

Not everyone needs traditional recovery support, but if you're sensing that your life would be more fulfilling without alcohol and want to explore an affordable, effective and proven option, this self-paced program was designed just for you! You CAN lose the desire to drink by changing the way you think, gain freedom back in ALL areas of your life, AND create a life that you LOVE.

This program will lead you on


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BREAK FREE from the Hold Alcohol Has On Your Life

Breaking free from alcohol is a transformative journey that goes beyond simply abstaining from drinking.

It is about reclaiming every aspect of your life, restoring your health, nurturing relationships, and rediscovering personal happiness.

You can shed the shackles that alcohol has on you and live authentically, with a renewed sense of purpose and joy.

You can regain control over your choices and actions, no longer being dictated by the need for alcohol.

You can rebuild and strengthen your relationships, cultivating deeper connections based on trust and genuine intimacy.

You can have a higher quality of life, experience greater happiness, fulfillment and contentment.

This may not feel possible for you now, but I'm telling you it IS possible. This is not something that is out of reach for you, or something that you can't have.

You CAN have all of these things!

Breaking free from alcohol empowers you to prioritize your well-being, explore your passions, discover new interests, and pursue fulfilling goals without the hindrance of addiction.

Breaking free from alcohol grants you the freedom to create a life filled with happiness, meaning, and a higher quality of life that aligns with your truest self.

Breaking free from alcohol allows you to have fun in your life again. Are you having fun, now, as your life currently stands? If not, this program is for you!

With BREAK FREE You Will:

Understand your current relationship/behaviors to alcohol and the impact it’s really having in all areas of your life

Gain a better understanding of why you drink, why you want it, why you think you need it

Learn your triggers and warning signs so you can be proactive in your behaviors & choices

Have the tools to choose differently

Have a plan of action in place to help prevent you from drinking or to bounce back if you do

Free yourself from guilt, shame, resentments and blame and learn to forgive yourself and others

Slowly but bravely step out of your comfort zone to embrace new challenges, take risks, and explore new relationships and community

Learn how to be curious and compassionate to yourself

Create a life that you actually enjoy!

Why I Coach This Program

A life long achiever and athlete, I turned to alcohol early as a way to fit in and have fun, unknowing it would eventually become a way for me to quiet the noise of the world, numb feelings of being out of place and not belonging, and used as a way to satisfy my overwhelming need to check out from it all.

Ultimately, my struggle and suffering with alcohol grew and was very private and truly my best kept secret. I never lost a job and I wasn’t homeless. I didn’t get a DUI and I didn’t require an intervention or a formal detox from alcohol. I didn’t fit the mold of what society deemed as “having a problem.” But I knew in my core that I had a very unstable and unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

I just couldn’t stop drinking.

It was a problem to ME.

And on those rare occasions I would go without alcohol, it was by sheer willpower, white knuckling, trickery, making deals with myself, setting moderation rules, you name it – I tried it. But it never worked.

I was exhausted. It turns out, what I loved, or so I thought, didn’t love me at all. It wasn’t delivering its promises anymore. It was taking more than it was giving. It was letting me down. It was seperating me from my joy. It was making me very lonely. I knew I had to let it go.

I wanted to change my relationship with alcohol because I wanted to add joy and freedom back into my life that alcohol was taking away.

I wanted to laugh again. I wanted to be excited for the day. I wanted to not be hungover.

And as I began really unpacking my relationship to alcohol and breaking free from it, what I discovered was that over time I actually lost the desire to drink. I didn’t have to quit drinking for the rest of my life, it just naturally fell away.

Alcohol no longer fit into the life that I had created for myself, the values I realigned with, and all the desired outcomes I wished to achieve.

My choice to take my power back left me feeling whole, full, and complete without alcohol! I never thought this could be possible, but it is.

I am liberated.

Today, I specialize in helping clients regain control of their life and experience a new freedom. My teachings come from my own experiences and the teachings I received from the help of coaches, mentors, and group support to get where I am today.

The value of the BREAK FREE transformation extends far beyond the absence of alcohol. It encompasses all aspects of your well-being, relationships, personal growth, and overall satisfaction with life. It is a priceless gift that empowers you to live your life to the fullest.

Here's what is unlocked within you by breaking free:

Improved Well-Being: Breaking free from alcohol leads to a significant improvement in physical and mental well-being. You may experience increased energy levels, better sleep, and enhanced overall health. You can enjoy a greater sense of vitality and longevity, allowing you to fully engage in and appreciate life's experiences as clarity replaces the fog of alcohol, reducing anxiety and improving your mood.

Enhanced Relationships: Alcohol dependency often strains relationships with loved ones. As you embark on your alcohol-free journey with BREAK FREE, you'll nurture healthier and more meaningful connections. Improved communication, trust, and authenticity will flourish, deepening your bonds with family, friends, and partners. Experience more authentic and fulfilling relationships based on honesty, support, and genuine connection.

Personal Freedom: The freedom from the grip of alcohol is liberating. Regain control over your life and choices, no longer being held captive by the need for alcohol. Experience a newfound sense of autonomy, allowing you to pursue your passions, make empowered decisions, and create a life aligned with your values and desires.

Increased Self-Worth and Confidence: Shedding the chains of alcohol dependency empowers you to rediscover your self-worth and boost your self-confidence. You'll gain a renewed sense of pride in your accomplishments and find the courage to pursue your dreams and ambitions without being hindered by alcohol-related setbacks.

Embracing a Life of Purpose and Fulfillment: The BREAK FREE program helps you uncover your passions, reignite your interests, and develop a sense of purpose. You'll discover activities, hobbies, and pursuits that bring you genuine joy and fulfillment, creating a life that is rich with meaning and aligned with your authentic self.

Financial Freedom: Alcohol dependency often comes with a significant financial burden. By breaking free from alcohol, you'll regain control over your finances. The money previously spent on alcohol can now be redirected towards achieving your goals, pursuing new experiences, and investing in your personal growth and well-being.

Improved Professional Life: Sobriety opens doors to professional growth and success. With increased focus, productivity, and clarity, you'll be better equipped to excel in your career. Breaking free from alcohol enables you to tap into your full potential, unlocking new opportunities and achieving professional milestones.

Freedom from Shame and Guilt: One of the most liberating outcomes of the BREAK FREE program is the freedom from the burden of shame and guilt associated with alcohol addiction. You'll release the weight of past mistakes, forgiving yourself and embracing self-compassion, allowing you to move forward with confidence and a renewed sense of self.

Sense of Accomplishment: Breaking free from alcohol is a significant achievement that instills a sense of pride and accomplishment. You will overcome challenges, develop resilience, and prove to yourself that they have the strength to make positive changes and that YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS! This sense of accomplishment can become a source of motivation and inspiration for continued growth in other areas of your life!

About Lauren Fay

I am an Empowerment Coach, Usui Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner, and Sensual Movement and Authentic Expression Alchemist. I teach Yin and Kundalini Yoga, facilitate Women's Circles, and am a Miracle Facilitator of Choose Again Attitudinal Healing based off of A Course in Miracles. A former Collegiate Athlete, Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, I discovered early on the power of motivation and support to achieve dreams.

All of these modalities are very powerful, transformative, restorative, and effective systems of healing that revitalizes our bodies and frees one from emotional turmoil, old belief systems, addictive behaviors, and physical disorders that no longer serve us.

I have brought all of my life experiences and teachings to bring you this amazing offering.

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Maybe you're here... You recognize the way alcohol is negatively impacting your life, has become too big, too important, and is starting to have too much control. You want to change your relationship with alcohol but you're unsure how to do so or where to get started. But now is the time to seek a supportive and effective program to help you change this relationship with alcohol.

I Am Motivated for Change: You are ready and motivated to make a positive change in your life. You are committed to breaking free from alcohol and are actively seeking resources and coaching to support their journey.

I Am Open to Support and Guidance: You understand the value of seeking support and receiving coaching from someone who specializes in alcohol transformations. You are open to learning new strategies, techniques, and perspectives to transform your relationship with alcohol.

I Am Hesitant or Unsure: You may have doubts or hesitations about your ability to change or may be unsure about where to start. You may have tried to quit or moderate your alcohol consumption in the past but have faced challenges and setbacks.

I Desire Empowerment: You desire to regain control over your life and cultivate a sense of empowerment. You want to develop the skills, tools, and mindset necessary to navigate life's challenges without relying on alcohol.

I Am Seeking a Comprehensive Approach: You are looking for a comprehensive program that addresses the root triggers of your alcohol use, how to develop healthier coping mechanisms, and create a new, fulfilling life without alcohol.

I Am Ready for Personal Growth: You are open to personal growth and self-reflection. You are willing to explore your emotional, social, and psychological relationship with alcohol and are committed to making positive changes in all areas of their life.

I Am Committed to Long-Term Success: You are committed to long-term success and are looking for a program that provides support and accountability. You understand that breaking free from alcohol is a journey and are willing to invest the time and effort required to achieve lasting sobriety.

Are You Ready for a Life of Freedom?

The time for a life of freedom is now, and the BREAK FREE program is here to guide you towards a transformative journey of liberation!

It's time to break free from the grip of alcohol and reclaim the life you deserve. Every passing moment is an opportunity to seize control and rewrite your story. The transformative power of the BREAK FREE program is your key to unlocking a future brimming with possibilities, purpose, happiness, peace, and true freedom.

Imagine a life where you wake up each day with a renewed sense of purpose, unburdened by the limitations of alcohol. No longer held captive by its destructive cycle, you can embrace a life of authentic empowerment, where every decision is guided by your true desires and values. Now is the moment to take action and embark on this life-altering journey.

With BREAK FREE, you will receive the essential building blocks to dismantle the grip of alcohol and build a solid foundation for a lasting alcohol-free life. You'll have access to unwavering support, expert guidance, and transformative insights that will propel you forward on your path to freedom.

Don't let another day slip away in trapped in alcohol's hold. The time for change is now. By joining the BREAK FREE program, you'll embrace a proven framework that will empower you to BREAK FREE from the grip of alcohol and step into a life of unlimited potential. No more regrets, no more setbacks, no more hangovers! —only a future filled with genuine happiness, meaningful connections, and personal fulfillment.

Your journey to freedom starts today. Not tomorrow, not the next day, TODAY. There is no more time left to waste feeling less-than. You deserve to begin feeling great TODAY. Take the leap, reclaim your life, and embrace the tangible rewards that come with breaking free from alcohol.

Enroll in the BREAK FREE program and unlock the life you've always deserved—a life filled with joy, purpose, and true freedom. The power to transform is within your reach. Seize it now!

Pre-recorded coaching sessions providing you the fundamental building blocks you need to get startet on your alcohol-free journey

Self-paced and private learning at your time, your pace, in the comfort of your own home

Research-backed strategies and tools to navigate the challenges of an alcohol-free life

Ongoing guidance and accountability to ensure your success

What's Included in BREAK FREE?


Pre-recorded videos including lessons and transformation tasks intended to help you BREAK FREE from the grip of alcohol by delving deep into your relationship to alcohol and revolutionizing your perspective on it.

This mini-coaching series is available online and can be completed in the privacy of your own space.

Take an honest inventory of your alcohol use (and how it is impacting your health, career, relationships, finances etc.)

Identify your triggers for drinking

Learn to meet yourself with compassion

Develop skills and tools to meet your needs without alcohol

Create a relapse prevention plan (RPP) to not drink and feel PREPARED

Valued at $2500

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5 Modules complete with Lessons, Videos, and Transformation Tasks. Each lesson and assignment take approximately 45 to 90 minutes to complete.

This entire program is valued over $3,000!


Throughout the BREAK FREE program embedded within each module are a variety of transformation questions and exercises. While entirely voluntary, these exercises were selected and developed specifically to help you transform your thinking around alcohol and are a crucial part of your journey. They are all included in this program and will be yours forever.

Valued at $500


Your purchase grants you up to one year access with unlimited personal viewing of this course. During this time period, you may also qualify for exclusive discounts on additional courses including STAY FREE and BE FREE where we invite in mental, emotional and spiritual healing, and receive an invitation into my exclusive LIBERATED Mastermind group coaching program.


Total value: over $3,000

You pay: $297!


Streamline Your Transformation and Quantum Leap Results!

Unleash Your Potential with Lauren Fay's Exclusive 1:1 Coaching

Experience a Tailored Transformational Journey Designed to Align with Your Goals and Catapult You Towards Success!

Imagine having Lauren Fay in your back pocket to answer any questions, process through real-time events, work through any roadblocks, and explore your curiosities.

Book a FREE Breakthrough Clarity Call with Lauren Fay to explore how personalized coaching can be your catalyst for true transformation.

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My personal guarantee to you...

I can sense the courage and determination within you and your desire to break free from alcohol.

The decision to confront your relationship with alcohol is a powerful one, and I commend you for being brave.

Breaking free from alcohol will create a new and more meaningful life where you will feel LIBERATED in your new identity as an empowered alcohol-free human.

My guarantee to you is that the teachings found in my programs, when implemented, will make a difference in your life. I know when you take action, you will get results.



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