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Perhaps there's this disconnect. Maybe it's noticeable. Maybe it's a subtle echo in the background. You've fallen out of love with the incredible, magnificent woman you are. You can spell out all the things you love about others, but what you love about yourself doesn't make the top of the list.

Maybe you've found yourself caught in a cycle of seeking validation and approval from external sources. Maybe you've picked up some habits that are disserving and even self-sabotaging. Maybe you feel pressed up against a barrier to reaching your fullest potential and fullest expression of yourself in this life, dancing in insecurity and dissatisfaction.

I get it. I was there.

I had fallen out of love with myself HARD, and I was so tired of being in that space. It was robbing me of my joy and dimming my light. Shine bright like a diamond? I felt like more like a rock that was stuck in the mud.

I know the journey of seeking everything but my own love. I know the feeling of believing the disserving thoughts.

Thankfully, I'm not there anymore. I learned how to genuinely love myself. I'm proud of the woman I am and I'm grateful for the experiences that got me here today. Now that I have this loving kind relationship with myself, I could never imagine going back. The things I used to do, the way I used to treat myself, the habits I used to have, the way I used to speak to myself, simply do not fit in my identity anymore.

I love myself too much for that.

Go Love Myself? No problem. Every. Single. Day.

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Can you imagine the world available to you when you fall madly in love with yourself, again? Where your values, authenticity and truest desires are not compromised in order to fit societal norms or expectations? Where you stop playing small and allow yourself to take up space, because the amount of love you have couldn't possibly be contained in the size of your body?

Being a woman in love with herself is an experience you are deserving to have. You are worthy of your own self-love and I promise, it already resides within you. The contentment, confidence, and empowerment you seek is hiding under the false layers of doubt, self-sabotage, and perceived imperfections that are hindering your access to this sacred space within you. We just need to reveal them once again and practice them a bit more.

How do you fall in love with yourself again? You practice loving yourself.


There is a path of self-love for you to embark on that I am going to lay out for you with the fundamental building blocks that will inspire aligned, creative and unique action for yourself. I'm on a mission to help women reclaim their inner strength, break free from self-doubt and self-sabotage, and create a deep sense of self-love.

This program will show you how.

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Where you will unleash the magnificent you that you're sure to fall in love with again once you break free from self-limiting beliefs blocking you from your fullest expression!

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Week 1 - Self-Awareness and Acceptance: Learn how to see the patterns, beliefs, and emotions that shape your relationship with yourself.

Week 2 - Identify Blocks to Self-Love: Identify and confront the barriers that hinder your journey towards self-love, and gain insights and tools to overcome these obstacles to reclaim your sense of worthiness.

Week 3 - Cultivate Self-Compassion: Learn the art of self-compassion and discover how to treat yourself with kindness, understanding, respect, and forgiveness.

Week 4 - Set Boundaries and Prioritize Self-Care: Explore the importance of setting boundaries to protect your emotional well-being and honor your needs and values. Discover self-care practices that replenish your energy and nurture your overall well-being.

Week 5 - Embrace Authenticity and Gratitude: Live life aligned with your values and aspirations by supercharging your gratitude (for yourself!) practice.

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5 weeks of weekly interactive 90-minute group coaching sessions:

Thursday, February 15th 11am PST

Thursday, February 22nd 11am PST

Thursday, February 29th 11am PST

Thursday, March 7th 11am PST

Thursday, March 14th 11am PST

Sessions will be recorded and made available soon after the session.

Private Group Chat Support: Stay connected and motivated throughout the entire program in a private group chat. Share wins, seek advice, and receive support from your fellow participants and Lauren Fay. Here's to community and accountability!

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The entire GO LOVE YOURSELF program and this abundance of personalized coaching is only $333! Day 1 Recording will be sent out upon registration and you will receive immediate access to the private group chat.

I can't wait to share space with you on February 22nd!



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